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Is a Flight to Magadan what you secretly dreamed about?
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But do not actually know about.

Magadan, is one of the most extreme places in the biggest continent on our planet. These qualities not only provide the geographical position, but also an isolation from the industrial and communication centers of our civilization, this is accompanied with clean water, air and untouched wildness.

The sea climate and moderate weather conditions create quiet and safe flights. The steep seacoast and a constant wind, blowing, in the summer period, create dynamic air streams.

The closest site to the seacoast where it is possible to carry out flights is the city beach of Nagaievo. The length of the beach is 2 kilometers, with widths from 6 meters up to 20 meters. There is a road to the beginning of the jump point. The summit rises from a height of 18 up to 36 meters. Further soft streams smoothly lift the paraglider up to 400 meters and makes for an easy touch down on a beach, or with sufficient skills - back on summit. The air stream rising from the sea is 50-80 meters deep. During your flight, you will enjoy the company of the many seagulls. But the most interesting part is the opportunity of flights at heights of 10 meters, which not only delights the pilot but the viewing public on the beach.

The main paragliding site in Magadan is "Nuklja". It is located of 33 kilometers from city on the seacoast. The steep coast lasts for 6 kilometers. The summit heights vary from 40 up to 145 meters, this is accompanied by a wide gravel beach. During the flight you can enjoy the beauty of the shear rocks cliffs and northern beaches. For additional variety there is the frequently arising fog that dims visibility, together with solar beams creating tremendous optical effects, but not enough to be dangerous. In all the years of flying on Njukle there has been no tragic accidents caused by weather conditions. Nuklja allows to paraglide at any level with full comfort. The start is carried out on a good trampled down platform from height of 50 m, landing on the beach for the novice. For the pilot of average skill - back were you started or land further back where there are extensive fields. To really test one's skills, there is the fog. Very frequently it forms in a few minutes on the coast and stretches inland. The pilot needs to be on the look out for coastal features, so as not to lose direction, and finally a courageous to dive from the clear weather and pure sky into a curling haze. After 10 minutes of flight, streamlets of water condensate and flow in to your sleeves. An adventurers dream! The fog can be punched through in 1-2 minutes, opening to clear visibility for landing.

The best season for flights in Magadan is from June 1 till September 1. From June 10 till July 1 the sun is just below the horizon all night, due to the northern location of Magadan, the locals call this White nights. This gives you an opportunity to fly during the evening.

The average cost of hotels in Magadan is from 15 up to 30 dollars a day; meals run from 10 up to 30 dollar a day, city taxi's are about 1 dollar for around town.

There is a plane to Magadan from Vladivostok, once a week (Monday). The price of the ticket is about 200 dollars. The Magadan - Moscow flight is about 250 dollars, but each day. There is also a flight from Anchorage, Alaska once a week, via Petropavlovsk, prices vary.

The chairman of the Magadan paragliding club is the deputy of the State Dumas, Vladimir Butkeev. The secretary of club is Igor Vedernikov. Work Ph. 29549. Home Ph. 50461. With friendly greetings Magadan Para gliders!